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Welcome to Show Choir

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Giving you the chance to have fun singing all your West End and Broadway favourites! 



If you love singing, then you've come to the right place! Whether you are a confident singer...or a little nervous, you'll have a great time at Show Choir learning fabulous songs, making friends and having a bit of a giggle too! 

Show Choir is an exciting choir giving you the opportunity to have fun singing fabulous songs from Musical Theatre, so come along and see what we're all about!

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50 Years of Musicals 

What a fantastic night we had at out Show 50 Years of Musicals at a packed Leatherhead Theatre. Check out our opening number from The Greatest Showman.


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** There's always something happening in Show Choir Land...

------------------------------------------------------------ ** Show Choir Sizzles at Nork! ------------------------------------------------------------

It looks like we're going to have to learn 'Too Darn Hot' from Kiss Me Kate to sing at Music in Nork Park next year! The official Met Office temperature was 32 degrees on Sunday, but everyone singing there said it more like 40!! PHEW! (It wasn't quite as scorching for me and Jamie up North, but we missed you all, and thought of you at 12pm as we sat on the hotel terrace, sipping our iced drinks looking out over the Yorkshire Dales, cooled by a gentle breeze!) All reports say you were fabulous as always! I've had an email from Zoe, the organiser already thanking us for a super performance again, and for helping to make the event the success it is! Steph was so proud of you all, and I've seen the videos, so I know it's all true!! Well done to all of you for singing, dancing and generally being wonderful, and particularly our fabulous Show Choir Leader, Steph - hip hip.... HURRAH! We'll sort out some videos ASAP Thanks so much to Sharon of Banstead Choir's husband for taking some photos and video for us!


These photo's tell the story of the day! (to be read in a David Attenborough voice!) ** Show Choir Watch

1. 'Ah here we are, late Sunday morning, you can see in the distance a flock of black-breasted warblers of the Show Choir family. Commonly seen in the countryside and sometimes in the town in June/July! (There is a winter variety, often with some red plumage!)

2. As we move a little closer, we hear the chorus of their voices becoming clearer as they sing together, and we can see some of the flock strutting more vigorously at the front, guided by the lead Warbler, who has a louder call!


3. We now see they have moved out of cover into the open for their mid-day chorus. They are singing and moving together in perfect unison (!!?!!) displaying their moves and beautiful black plumage!! 4. A hardy flock, they sing together for a full 40 minutes in sweltering heat! As we watch from a safe distance, the lead Warbler finally guides them to the end of their magnificent display and they finish with a flourish - what a wonderful sight! 5. As they disperse, we caught a lovely moment of one of the Warblers cooling off after her exertions! What a day!!!

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